Metro Music Entertainment FAQs


How much does your service cost?

GREAT QUESTION!!! Unfortunately it’s way too complicated to answer in a general way. The best answer we can give is that our prices for a wedding DJ starts at $599.00 and our package that includes a DJ, up lights, photo booth, monogram projection light, basic photography package, and basic videography package tops out at $4999.00. While $5000 seems like a lot of money, compared to a la cart pricing for these service would easily climb well above $6,500. The more services you book through Metro Music Entertainment, the more money you can save and the fewer vendors you have to interview and worry about on your special day.

What services does Metro Music Entertainment provide?

Metro Music Entertainment provides some of the best, most sought-after DJs in Michigan.

We also provide:

  • Beautiful Up Lights
  • Premium Photo Booths
  • Monogram Projection Lights
  • Candid Reception Photography Package
  • Wedding Photography Packages
  • Wedding Videography Packages
  • Ceremony Music Package
  • Officiate Microphone Package
  • Live Streaming Of Your Ceremony (coming in 2016)

How far in advance should we book?

Most “experts” recommend you book your entertainment 6 – 9 months before your wedding. However, Metro Music Entertainment is a highly sought-after company with limited availability. Many of our clients book at least a year in advance and sometimes two years in advance. The bottom line is, the sooner the better. If you want Metro Music Entertainment at your wedding, but it’s only a few weeks away, give us a call. You might just get lucky!!!

Do you offer free, no obligation consultations before we book?

ALWAYS! In fact, we want to meet with you for a “pre-booking” consultation and for a “pre-event” consultation. The pre-booking consultation is always handled by the owners, Rick or Chris. Together they boast more than 30 years experience in the DJ and wedding industry. Prior to your event, Metro Music Entertainment will assign you one of our 6 DJs who will meet with you for your pre-event consultation. You can always request a specific DJ at no additional cost (subject to availability), but each Metro Music Entertainment DJ is trained to handle every wedding with the exact same level of service, quality equipment, and showmanship, which provides our clients and your guests a consistent and elite entertainment experience.

How will I know who my DJ will be?

Metro Music Entertainment is a boutique-wedding vendor. While we boast a company-wide compliment of nearly 20 DJs, we only allow 6 Metro Music Entertainment DJs to entertain at weddings (the owners Rick & Chris, Chris’s son DJ Jared Michael, and veteran entertainers DJ Victor V, DJ Mark Santa-Maria, and DJ Will Izera). Metro Music Entertainment’s wedding philosophy requires elite DJs. That’s why our DJ service is award winning, enjoys a overall 5 Star rating, and our client base continues to grow year after year.

 What are the terms of payment if I book your services?

We only require a 50% deposit at the time of booking. We accept cash, check, and credit cards (subject to transaction fee). We know weddings get very expensive and we are always flexible and willing to make deposit or payment arrangements that work with your budgeting. The final balance is due 14-days before the date of your event. This schedule coincides with your second in-person consultation; the one with your specific DJ.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes! We use Square reader’s and Square invoice services. Square charges a 3% transaction fee, but it is an option if you don’t like writing checks or paying cash.

Do you require a tip at the end of your service?

ABSOLUETLY….not! Of course a lot of our clients are so happy with our service that they want to show their appreciation; however, we NEVER expect at tip, and we will NEVER be upset when a couple has simply reached the limits of their budget. We charge a fair price and we are honored to be the entertainment for your special day. For those who insist on tipping, most tips are between $50 & $100, but vary greatly based on the number of services they book.

Can I give you a “Play” or “Do Not Play” list? 

The short answer is “of course.” However, one of the things you hire an expert DJ for is to identify what makes your crowd dance. Outside of picking the important songs for specialty dances and songs that would be inappropriate, we highly recommend letting your DJ do what he is paid to do: read the crowd and make them dance. Chris’s favorite analogy is “if you hired Bobby Flay to cook you a meal, you wouldn’t hand him a bag of groceries and tell him ‘you can only use these ingredients to make us an amazing meal.’” We encourage you to tell us the types of music (Motown, rock, pop, etc.) that you and your guests are most likely to dance to, provide us with a list of super important songs that must or must not be played, and let us do the rest. For couple’s that just need an extra level of input, we recommend a “suggestion list.” Write down the 10 – 20 songs you really feel strongly about and let your DJ do his best to fit as many in as possible. That added flexibility will make a big difference in how your DJ works his magic. We promise to do everything we can to get people on the dance floor, which is exactly what most couple’s want.

Will you bring an assistant?

Almost every time. We have DJ assistants, roadies, photo booth operators, photographers, and videographers at many of our events. Some of the less specialized jobs are combined to allow us to offer better pricing. The number of Metro Music Entertainment staffers that will be at your event will be outlined in your contract. Only if we have a special need do we bring additional support staff.

Will you take request and suggestions? 

ABSOLUTELY! Most requests we receive are for songs we were probably going to play anyway. If someone makes a request that is inappropriate, for any reason, we will use our Jedi Mind Tricks to encourage them to pick a more appropriate song. We want your guests to be happy. It’s good for our business.

When do you arrive to set up for an event?

As early as possible. Depending on the services you have selected, we arrive and hour to three hours before service/performance time begins.

 Do you provide a contract or written agreement?

YES! We provide you with a detailed contract with all the pricing and services spelled out in an easy to understand fashion. It also includes all the terms and conditions that will help insure that you have a very successful event experience with Metro Music Entertainment.

How much experience do you have? 

TONS!!! We have DJs with a minimum of 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, and 20 years wedding experience. We provide you with the DJ that best meets your expectations and comfort level. All together Metro Music Entertainment has over 100 years of DJ institutional knowledge. Our experience is one of the reasons why we win awards every year and enjoy an overall 5 Star service rating.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Metro Music Entertainment only uses industry standard, professional grade equipment, period!

Do you have backup equipment or DJ in case of an emergency? 

We have redundancy built into our systems and each DJ has backup plans for music players and speakers. Additionally, we have backup components in our central storage unit and personnel to transport equipment should the need arise (crossing our fingers, it’s yet to happen). We have contingency plans that include backup DJs. Although we cannot plan for every conceivable issue, we have a 100% attendance and performance record.

Do I need to pay for setup time or breakdown time? 

No. You never pay for anything except service/performance time.

How do you dress for an event?

We may dress in very casual clothes during setup and always in formal clothes during service/performance. The DJs typically wear dress shirts and ties, a jacket or vest, dress slacks, and dress shoes. We look good!

How are emergencies handled?

If we are hit by a bus on the way to the gig, we are sorry, but there isn’t much we can do about that. However, we have a 100% attendance and performance record. We can’t promise more than that. Rick & Chris both answer the same phone number, and it’s unlikely we both get hit by a bus… at the same time. All joking aside, we will do everything possible to make sure our 100% attendance and performance record remains unblemished.

What do you require from my event site?

Typically, not much. Generally we need access to good electrical circuits, a couple skirted tables, and meals for staffers for events over 4 hours. Anything we need will be clearly explained in your contract.

Can we visit you at a performance?

YES, but not at someone else’s wedding. As a company, we decided that it’s inappropriate for us to invite strangers to our clients wedding receptions. Furthermore, you as a client probably want us concentrating on your party, not answer another couples’ questions during your reception. All Metro Music DJs are available to be seen at area nightclubs. Plus, we have dozens of video testimonials on our website as well as 50+ reviews on Wedding Wire.