Wedding Dj Service

The one thing guaranteed to make or break your wedding reception is the DJ. Good or bad, the music and food are the two top things guests remember about a wedding. The big difference in our opinion is that long after the food is gone, the DJ will still be there. The average wedding costs well over $20,000. The average DJ costs about $1000. That is less than 5% of your total cost, but 100% of the entertainment for your entire reception for your Michigan Wedding .

METRO MUSIC DJS have performed at over 10,000 events all over the state of Michigan and we understand that your wedding reception is THE MOST IMPORTANT CELEBRATION OF YOUR LIFE. We truly care about your special day and it is our goal to make it a “worry free, stress free” event. Metro Music owners Chris French and Rick Sadlowski have spent a combined 40 years turning “music into memories that last a life time.”

PACKING THE DANCE FLOOR at your Michigan Wedding is our specialty. Now more than ever couples are looking for a DJ that can get their friends and family up and on the dance floor. With years of experience in the hottest clubs in Michigan, Rick & Chris are expert “Club Jocks” who specialize in making people dance. In fact, when Chris and Rick are not performing at a private event, you can usually find them at one of Michigan’s top dance clubs.

Michigan Wedding Specialists

While most dj’s do this type of job on the side, we at Metro Music Entertainment are 100% full time DJ’s. While most companies will book your wedding then figure out what DJ in their stable might be available for the night we have a few very key dj’s that are part of our company. 75% of the time we send out a Michigan Wedding Dj , it is one of the owners. Our dedication to giving you the best possible event is as high a priority for us as it is for you!